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The iSci yearbook is a method of commemorating and remembering the school year.  The newest incarnation of the yearbook has been running for six years, when it was started in 2017 by the VP Communications of that time, Angela Dittrich. There are several teams involved in the creation of the yearbook. The description of the roles of each team can be found below, along with past editions of the yearbook.


Yearbook Coordinator

The yearbook coordinator is chosen by the VP Communications at the beginning of the year. They are responsible for organizing and choosing a team to help them complete the yearbook, which includes setting deadlines for pages, choosing members for each team, setting meetings to ensure that the tasks that each member has been assigned are being completed, and overall ensuring the quality of the yearbook. 

Layout team 

Layout, alongside the yearbook coordinator, choose a theme for the yearbook and designs the background of the pages. They also are responsible for the layout of the photos on each page, and organizing other pages like the superlatives and quotes pages. Usually there are two to three members on the layout team.

Submissions team

Submissions are responsible for ensuring that people submit yearbook photos and photos from throughout the year, they are also responsible for giving these photos to the layout people so that they can put them into the yearbook. Usually there are two to three members on the submissions team.

Photography team

The photographers go to iSci Society events, both year events and all year events, and take photos for use in the yearbook. Usually there are two to three members on the photography team.


Yearbook 2020/2021

Yearbook 2019/2020

Yearbook 2018/2019

Yearbook 2017/2018

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