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The iSci Big Sib program is a peer-mentorship program dedicated to easing the transition to university and improving student life. Incoming first-year students have the opportunity to be paired with a second-year “Big Sib”, or with a "Big Sib family" containing multiple second years and other students in first year, known as "co-sibs". Our Big Sibs aim to be mentors, resources, leaders, friends, and family to the first-year students as they adjust to life in first year and beyond in the iSci program at McMaster University.

Here is an extensive, interactive map of the iSci family. 


First years and Big Sibs fill out questions over the summer so students can be paired based on mutual interests. Every Sib family is different, so here are just a few examples of things that students have done with their Sibs:

  • Intramural soccer

  • Sib Family potluck

  • iSci Amazing Race 

  • Karaoke 

  • Gift Exchanges

  • Baking and cooking 

  • Rehearsals for presentations

  • Proofreading assignments

  • Sib Family Photo day

  • Questions and advice

If you have any questions about the Big Sib Program, contact Rachel Hemming at

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