iCreate is a student-run creative magazine made by iSci students for the iSci community. The magazine showcases a variety of creative pieces, including poetry, creative writing, comedy, drawing, painting, photography, videos, as well as other forms of visual and artistic media. All cohorts are welcome to submit their creative works under their name, or anonymously, in a judgement-free environment. Further, we encourage students to participate in the upcoming iSci Coffeehouse 2020, which will feature an art show where artists can showcase their original works!

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in applying and submitting to  iCreate! We’re so happy to announce the first edition of the year: Resilience. Submissions have been closed however if you have a last-minute submission, we’d be happy to accommodate that! If you’re looking to be involved with this edition, we have also have two forms out with a prompt for the iSci Community:


  1. What’s in a Zoom University Starter Pack?

  2. What’s something you’re grateful for?

These are quick and easy to submit to and we encourage everyone to do so! These responses are completely anonymous.


For more information about iCreate, feel free to scroll down or visit our facebook and instagram: icreate_isci. For clarification regarding how to submit artwork, participate in this upcoming art show, remain anonymous through submission, apply to the iCreate team, or anything concerning iCreate as a whole, please contact Elizabeth Li, Michelle Kooleshova, or Yash Joshi at icreatesubmissions@gmail.com!



Assistant Editors

A team of two to four assistant editors are hired each year to review and provide feedback on submissions to iCreate. Their work involves editing written pieces, working with artists to create titles and captions which capture the artist’s vision and the publication’s theme, as well as creating journal content.


Graphic Designers

A team of two to three graphic designers bring the magazine to life by creating original designs for content and template pages, as well as the table of contents and front and back covers of the magazine.


Layout Editors 

Two to three layout editors are responsible for the formatting, layout and overall presentation of the magazine. Layout editors will insert the submissions into the template pages provided by the graphic designers and are responsible for curating the final copy of the issue.


Submissions Coordinator

One or two individuals who have strong interpersonal and organisational skills collect submissions for upcoming iCreate publications and serve as a contact between assistant editors and artists to ensure feedback is received and approved for publication. If you have any questions, feel free to email Yash Joshi at joshiy1@mcmaster.ca


Promotions Coordinator 

The promotions coordinator is in charge of fostering the presence of iCreate on social media by updating the iCreate Facebook and Instagram pages and ensuring that the iSci community is aware of upcoming dates and deadlines for submissions and issue releases, as well as who we are, what we do, and how they can get involved. If you have any questions, feel free to email Vidhi Bhatt at bhattv9@mcmaster.ca

iCreate Director of Media

The iCreate director of media is responsible for overseeing the smooth running of iCreate, specifically the tasks within the media team. Their main responsibilities involve organizing a media team consisting of graphic designers, promotions coordinator and layout editors, working with them to determine the specific graphic elements of each iCreate edition (ie cover page, submission pages, etc.), reviewing and revising the draft magazine to ensure completeness and quality, and promoting a fun and efficient working environment within iCreate throughout the year. If you have any questions, feel free to email Liz at lie31@mcmaster.ca


iCreate Editor-in-Chief

The Editor-in-Chief manages a team of editors and collaborates with the media team to collect, edit, and create magazine content. They work with the Director of Media to coordinate the two main teams and work closely with the Submissions Coordinator to organise the release of new editions. If you have any questions, feel free to email Michelle at kooleshm@mcmaster.ca

THe Icreate Team

Past Issues

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iCreate Volume 7 - Milestones

iCreate Volume 6 - Truth

iCreate Volume 5 - Wellness

iCreate Volume 4 - Journey

iCreate Volume 3 - Perspective

iCreate Volume 2 - Imperfection

iCreate Volume 1 - Discovery

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