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Concentrations 101: Unconcentrated

One of the things that made me apply to iSci was the nature of the course itself. From my perspective iSci allows me to work on a wide variety of complex problems in a team-based environment. The width and depth of my learning have been the greatest strength of the program and allows me to become the closest thing to a polymath. The idea of concentration went against the very reason why I came to iSci in the first place. By staying unconcentrated you are able to follow your interests and develop your academic resume through courses that challenge you and make you more well rounded. You can take courses in computer science, statistics, economics, history or any other field that piques your interest. It's this mix of structured problem solving and the balance of humanities that align better to strengthen my weaknesses.

 ~Hunter Clark (Class of 2023)


Overall, it is NOT recommended for first years to avoid choosing a concentration. The decision not to finish the concentration you’re in, or to become unconcentrated, is an easy move - transition to a concentration after a year or two of being unconcentrated, not so much.

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