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Concentrations 101: Unconcentrated

What does it mean to be unconcentrated?

Unconcentrated gives you the space to explore a variety of courses without having to meet program requirements. This can be a good option if you are unsure what you want to pursue or want a bit more freedom. HOWEVER, it is a double-edged sword for a number of reasons. Primarily, not all upper year science courses you may have scheduling availability for are open to all students (i.e. you need to be registered in that concentration to take them) or may be reserved for those in a concentration. Grad schools often don't require an official concentration, and instead care much more about the courses you take. But the that is a large reason for being enrolled in a concentration, to ensure you will take the main courses required for grad school in that area. It is much easier to complete a minor compared to when you’re in a concentration, but it is also very doable in many concentrations.


Overall, it is NOT recommended for first years to avoid choosing a concentration. The decision not to finish the concentration you’re in, or to become unconcentrated, is an easy move - transition to a concentration after a year or two of being unconcentrated, not so much.

What courses are required?

ISCI 2A18, ISCI 3A12, ISCI 4A12

Why some upper years chose this concentration:

“It means that you don't want to concentrate on just one thing, and instead you can have more freedom to learn about a lot of different things!”

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Lauren Vamos (Class of 2020)

Urszula Sitarz (Class of 2019)