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Concentrations 101: Math and Statistics

The Mathematics and Statistics concentration delves into the fundamental skills required for any aspiring mathematician, with a range of classes on topics in both pure and applied fields. While Integrated Sciences provides a strong basis in calculus, and touches on topics in linear algebra, the classes you take as a student of Math & Stats give you a much more rounded idea of the diverse world of mathematics - with topics ranging from probability theory, modelling and data science to algebra, combinatorics and topology. You will also learn how these seemingly disparate fields interact to form the landscape of modern mathematics; but perhaps most important are the analytic skills you learn through dissecting and constructing arguments in the form of proofs. If you are interested in pursuing mathematics at the graduate level, this concentration is highly recommended. No matter the field you are interested in, the technical, analytical, logical, and problem-solving skills you develop through this program will put you at an advantage, and undoubtedly make you a more well-rounded scientist.

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