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Concentrations 101: Chemistry

The chemistry concentration is great for anyone who liked chemistry in first year and high school, because it allows you to take the principles you learned in those years and apply them to real-world problems in unique ways. The concentration schedule is very similar to that of ChemBio in second year, and your electives are set for the most part (2 orgo courses, 1 analytical Chem course, 1 lab course). Your schedule opens up in later years however, as you can choose between focusing more on the organic side or physical side of chemistry. The best part of the chemistry concentration is the professors. They are very good at lecturing and very helpful, and due to the smaller class sizes than what you would find in chemistry courses outside of the concentration, they are much more engaging. Another benefit of the concentration is the lab experience you get. While time consuming, the hands-on practice you get with lab skills is invaluable. Overall, the chemistry concentration is a great option for someone who is willing to work very hard and learn very interesting content.

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