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Concentrations 101: Biology

What is biology?

The biology concentration is very broad. Often though, there's two main streams – the cellular/molecular biology stream and the ecology/evolutionary biology stream. There are some mandatory courses (ie. genetics) and some that are prerequisites for many upper year courses (ie. evolution) but overall you can tailor your courses to focus on what you enjoy. You can expect to have a large range of options to fulfill the concentration requirements. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to pursue courses from biochemistry, health sciences, earth sciences, chemical biology, and medical physics as these also fulfill the course list requirements.


Why some upper years chose this concentration:

“I chose it because it was broad and provided me with a lot of elective space. I wanted to pursue a minor and that, along with my interest in cellular/molecular biology made it a perfect choice.”


“Freedom to take electives I enjoyed/needed for a minor; broad course list from multiple departments.”


“I chose biology because it gave me the most freedom to explore. I knew I wanted some field within biology anyways, but I didn't want to commit to something specific yet. In addition, the freedom lets me take courses that I really enjoy yet have nothing to do with bio (polsci, classics, etc).”


“Because I love ecology and also wanted to have the freedom to pursue interest classes outside my concentration”


“I chose this concentration because I was really interested in the upper year courses in Mol Bio and I wasn't sure about what aspect of biology I wanted to focus in. I originally thought I would go into Cell Bio and Eukaryotic Genetics but ended up really enjoying Microbiology”

What courses are required?


There are no specific first year electives are required for this concentration.

Have more questions? Upper year contacts:

Cell Bio Focused

Pascale Bider (Class of 2019)

Monish Ahluwalia (Class of 2019)

Aileen Liu (Class of 2019)

Yajur Iyengar (Class of 2020)


Ecology Focused

Connor Nelson (Class of 2018)

Noah Houpt (Class of 2019)

Sam Marchetti (Class of 2020)

Ciara Zogheib (Class of 2020)