2020/2021 executives

Look down below for more information about each of the Execs and their roles on the iSci Society! 1st Year Reps are elected in September so if you want any more information about their roles, talk to Amanda Round or Jemimah Ong

Maha Dogar



Contact: dogarm@mcmaster.ca

About my role: As President, my role is to ensure that all iSci students are being equally represented and served in the best manner possible! :)

Contact me for: Anything and everything!

VP Academic

Chantelle Castelino


Contact: castelic@mcmaster.ca

About my role: As the VP Academic, my role is to represent iSci students to McMaster and iSci faculty, as well as providing you with academic resources. This includes organizing the Peer Mentor Network, acting as the head of the Curriculum Committee, and organizing events such as Mythical Leap and the Concentration Carnival.

Contact me for: You can contact me if you have any questions about the Peer Mentor Network, topics/concerns to be discussed with iCore and iTeach, questions about concentrations, or if you just want to chat!

Tushar Sood


VP Social

Contact: soodt@mcmaster.ca

About my role: Hi everyone! As VP Social, I’ll be planning events throughout the year available to all four cohorts of the program. Some signature events you can look forward to include the annual iSci Coffeehouse and Pi Day!

Contact me for: If you have any suggestions for events, feel free to message me. I’m always available to talk, whether about iSci Society or anything really!

VP External

Taren Ginter


Contact: gintert@mcmaster.ca

About my role: As VP External, I run and manage iStrive to inform all iSci students of research, volunteer, job, and scholarship opportunities. I also organize iVolunteer, where we partner with a local organization to stay involved in the community.

Contact me for: I can be contacted for questions regarding iStrive, iVolunteer, and external opportunities!

Ariana Mitchell


VP Internal

Contact: mitcha10@mcmaster.ca

About my role: My role on iSci Society involves making sure that all administrative aspects of the Society are running smoothly. It involves taking meeting minutes, booking rooms, coordinating elections, buying supplies for the iStudy and much more. Additionally, it involves making sure that transparency remains present between the iSci Society Exec and the general members.

Contact me for: About any concerns or questions regarding iSci Society as a whole or the way that things are conducted behind the scenes!

Maya Rajasingham


VP Finance

Contact: rajasinm@mcmaster.ca

About my role: I am your VP Finance! This role includes creating a realistic budget, as well as monitoring money flowing in and out of the society to ensure everyone is adhering to our budget as best as possible. Additionally, I am responsible for the reimbursement exec. members, and submitting spending reports after each term.

Contact me for: Questions about sales that the society is holding. 

Grace Burgess


VP Communications

Contact: burgea5@mcmaster.ca

About my role: I'm the VP Communications! This means that I look after the iSci Society social media accounts, I update the iSci Society website, I design graphics for other people on iSci Society and I'm in charge of the iSci yearbook!

Contact me for: You can contact me about Yearbook and if you have a graphic design or photography questions I'd be happy to answer them.

Amanda Round 


Contact: amandaroundd@gmail.com

About my role: As the first year social rep I am responsible for organizing and hosting first year events, coordinating with the academic rep to hold study sessions and creating a clothing committee to design this year's iSci merch!

Contact me for: Clothing committee and anything related to first year social events

1st Year Social Rep

Jemimah Ong (She/Her) 

Contact: ongj13@mcmaster.ca

About my role: I act as the liaison between the first years and iTeach, making sure that any concerns are heard and taken into account. I also host cohort-wide study sessions and send out weekly schedules to make sure we're on track and thriving academically.

Contact me for: Any first-year concerns (deadlines, platforms, test difficulty, etc.) or anything that will help your first year academic life easier :)

1st Year Academic Rep

Kamea Bellows


2nd Year Rep

Contact: bellowsk@mcmaster.ca

About my role: I represent the class of 2023 on the iSci Society, and help facilitate communication between the second year cohort and iTeach. I also plan fun events for second years and organize the Big Sib program!

Contact me for: Questions about the Big Sib program, as well as second years with academic or other concerns!

André Morin


iSci Welcome Week Planner

Contact: morina5@mcmaster.ca

About my role: My role involves planning and facilitating the iSci exclusive welcome week for the incoming first year students! I’m here to help provide first years a warm welcome to iSci so if you’re in first year, please feel free to reach out if you have questions!

Contact me for: Welcome week inquires!

Liz Li


iCreate Director of Media

Contact: lie31@mcmaster.ca

About my role: I overlook the creation of the visual elements associated with the iCreate magazine. This includes its graphic design, layout and formatting and promotional advertising! We will also be organizing the art portion of Coffeehouse and are hoping to run other artistic destressor events throughout the year as well so tune in for those!

Contact me for: Anything iCreate related! How you can get involved, ideas for iCreate, etc .). New creative outlets that you’d like to see in iSci  Anything art related (visual art, written, dance, you name it!). All things iSci, or on life in general : D

Kate Jamieson


3rd Year Rep

Contact: kate.jamielea@gmail.com

About my role: As third year representative my role is to represent my year on iSci Society and curriculum committee and support my cohort both academically and socially.

Contact me for: Anything to do with third year. Curriculum, social events, and other concerns about 3rd year. If we have any exchange students I am also here to support them!

Michelle Kooleshova (She/Her)  

iCreate Editor in Chief

Contact: kooleshm@mcmaster.ca

About my role: The Editor-in-Chief of iCreate is a role dedicated to organizing the submissions and editing process of creative pieces to the iCreate journal.

Contact me for: If you would like to apply for a role in iCreate (submissions coordinator/mentor/assistant editor) then please contact me! If you have any questions about submitting to iCreate then please contact me! :D

Angela Pollinzi 


4th Year Rep

Contact: pollinza@mcmaster.ca

About my role: I am the fourth year rep, meaning that I vet and deal with the concerns of fourth year students. If you’re in the Class of 2021 and have social, academic or general concerns, I’m the person to talk to. I’ll be planning social events and helping with Grad as well!

Contact me for: Mainly only fourth years should come to me with questions, but in terms of WHAT they should contact me about, that’s pretty open! I’d like to be here for social, academic and mental health needs, or if any fourth years just need a rant :)

Karen Arevalo


Grad Planner

Contact: arevalok@mcmaster.ca

About my role: As the 2020 Grad Planner, I will work closely with a committee in order to plan and execute a successful iSci graduation!

Contact me for: If anyone has questions about graduation or fundraisers, please contact me!

Jon Lai


Director of Student Engagement

Contact: laij32@mcmaster.ca

About my role: I'm responsible for organizing intramural events, and other fun events with the VP Social with TriSci and other science related faculties. I'm also responsible for keeping track of Cohort Cup points.

Contact me for: Cohort Cup points, intramurals, ideas for events with other science faculties, if you want to make a new friend

Katherine Hutchinson


iSNL Director

Contact: hutchk3@mcmaster.ca

About my role: I'm the iSNL director for next year! I coordinate everything for iSNL including curating acts!

Contact me for: I would be happy to talk to anyone with questions about iCreate, varsity sports and the McMaster athletic community, or ideas/suggestions for iSNL.


Fun Facts about the Execs!

I love to make soft pretzels and eat them all
I’m really good at multitasking. I’m able to walk and chew gum at the same time.
One of my housemates thought that I lived in Thode during all of first year!
I’m from Newfoundland!

Hover over the boxes below to learn some fun facts about us!

I can sing the alphabet backwards!
I used to work at a cheese store, so I can probably make you the best grilled cheese you've ever had!
I practiced ballet for 8 years and absolutely loved it! Dancing is definitely a passion of mine and my next goal is to master hip hop
I will drop almost anything to chat about favourite tea varieties
I'm a classically trained vocalist!
I enjoy playing Mario Kart with my housemates, even though I always lose :)
If there is a dog around you can catch me on the other side of the street.
I started playing Overwatch during quarantine so add me if you play!
I'm on the Women's Field Hockey team (in other words, i'm a lefty playing a right-handers-only sport)!
During my spare time, I enjoy beating people in Mario Kart (especially my roommates)!
I’ve never broken a bone!
I love playing soccer!
I love to play chess for fun!



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