2021/2022 executives

Look down below for more information about each of the Execs and their roles on the iSci Society! 

Chantelle Castelino


Contact: castelic@mcmaster.ca

About my role: As President, my role is to ensure that the day-to-day operations of the Society are running smoothly and to work with executives to ensure that you are being supported and represented as best as possible!

Contact me for: Anything related to iSci Society! This can be how to get involved, any questions or concerns, or any suggestions for improvement :)


VP Academic

Tushar Sood (He/Him)

Contact: soodt@mcmaster.ca

About my role: As the VP Academic, my role is to represent iSci students to McMaster and iSci faculty, as well as providing you with academic resources. This includes organizing the Peer Mentor Network, acting as the head of the Curriculum Committee, and organizing events such as Mythical Leap and the Concentration Carnival.

Contact me for: You can contact me if you have any questions about the Peer Mentor Network, topics/concerns to be discussed with iCore and iTeach, questions about concentrations, or if you just want to chat!


André Morin

VP Social

Contact: morina5@mcmaster.ca

About my role: I will be responsible for organizing events involving all four cohorts of iSci! My goal is to ensure that I help foster a tight-knit and supportive iSci community through engaging social events!

Contact me for: Event ideas, collaborations, and general inquiries about iSci or iSci Society. Feel free to message me and start a conversation!


VP External

Taren Ginter


Contact: gintert@mcmaster.ca

About my role: As VP External, I coordinate iVolunteer to provide the cohort with an extracurricular volunteer activity that connects our program with the Hamilton community. I also maintain the iStrive database and social media accounts to keep everybody up-to-date on relevant opportunities, experiences, research, jobs, and events.

Contact me for: Contact me for details about iVolunteer, iStrive, and external opportunities, or just to chat!


Ariana Mitchell


VP Internal

Contact: mitcha10@mcmaster.ca

About my role: I am responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly in the back-end of the iSci Society. This includes monitoring emails, corresponding with general members and executives, coordinating constitution changes, planning elections, and booking rooms for events!

Contact me for: Any questions about how iSci Society works, how to run for First Year Representative positions, how to get involved with the iSci Society, where to find great food in Hamilton, and anything else McMaster or iSci-related!!


Maya Rajasingham


VP Finance

Contact: rajasinm@mcmaster.ca

About my role: As VP Finance, I am in-charge of making sure that we as a society stay on budget. I am also responsible for keeping our books in order as well as creating financial reports at the end of each term!

Contact me for: If you have any questions about sales being run by the society (ex: ticket sales), or anything related to my role as VP Finance I would be happy to answer them!

Kamea Bellows

VP Communications

Contact: bellowsk@mcmaster.ca

About my role: As VP Communications, I look after the iSci Society social media accounts and the iSci Society website. I design graphics for people on iSci Society and I help in overlooking the iSci Yearbook!

Contact me for: Information about iSci Society social media, or the iSci Society Yearbook. Or, if you have any questions about graphic design, iSci, or McMaster in general, don't hesitate to reach out!


Milenna Raposa (She/Her)

Contact: raposm5@mcmaster.ca

About my role: I’m the first-year social rep - it’s my job to help you have fun this year! I’ll be heading up some exciting cohort-wide social events this term and next, to give everyone a little breather from the academic side of iSci. Plus, I’m your go-to for fun first-year info in general. I can’t wait to help you enjoy your first year!

Contact me for: Anything social events and non-academic iSci matters, first year and beyond. I’m also from Hamilton if you ever want to chat about fun stuff around campus! I love to chat and connect with first years - I’m here for you, and I’m a click away!

1st Year Social Rep


Vikram Arora (He/Him)

Contact: arorav10@mcmaster.ca

About my role: As the first year academic rep, I act as a liaison between the first years and iTeach, addressing any concerns that may arise. I also organize cohort-wide study sessions, send out weekly schedules with important deadlines, and host other events that will help everyone thrive academically!

Contact me for: Anything to do with first year academics, including the content, workload, or any other concerns, as well as general feedback. I'm also happy to just chat with anyone!

1st Year Academic Rep


Jemimah Ong

2nd Year Rep

Contact: ongj13@mcmaster.ca

About my role: I represent the iSci Class of 2024 on the iSci Society! I host social events for my cohort, sit on the Curriculum Committee to facilitate communication between the second years and iTeach, and send out weekly schedules to ensure we're on track and thriving academically. I also organize the Big Sib program!

Contact me for: Anything related to the Big Sib program or any general second year concerns or feedback!

Finn Headshot.jpg

Finn Korol-O'Dwyer

3rd Year Rep

Contact: korolodf@mcmaster.ca

About my role: As third year representative my role is to represent my year on iSci Society and curriculum committee and support my cohort both academically and socially.

Contact me for: Anything to do with 3rd year including curriculum, social events, and other concerns about 3rd year. If we have any exchange students I am also here to support them!


Hunter Clark

4th Year Rep


About my role: I am the fourth year rep, meaning that I vet and deal with the concerns of fourth year students. If you’re in the Class of 2021 and have social, academic or general concerns, I’m the person to talk to. I’ll be planning social events and helping with Grad as well!

Contact me for: 


Bianca Mammarella

iSci Welcome Week Planner

Contact: mammareb@mcmaster.ca

About my role: I am in charge of organizing and hosting the iSci exclusive welcome week for the incoming first year students! I’m here to help make your start to first year iSci an enjoyable one. If you are in first year, please feel free to reach out if you have questions/concerns!

Contact me for: Anything about Welcome Week!


Samridhi Sharma

iCreate Director of Media

Contact: shars117@mcmaster.ca

About my role: I overlook the development of the visual elements of the iCreate magazine! This includes its graphic design, layout, formatting, and promotion. With the Editor in Chief, I help organize art shows at iSci events like the Coffeehouse, and host workshops throughout the year!

Contact me for: Anything related to iCreate!

Julia Singer

iCreate Editor in Chief

Contact: singej3@mcmaster.ca

About my role: As Editor in Chief, I manage the submission of creative pieces to iCreate and organize the editing process. Alongside the Director of Media, I plan art shows at iSci events and host workshops throughout the year.

Contact me for: Getting involved with iCreate, whether it is applying for a role (assistant editor, submissions coordinator, mentor) or submitting an art piece.


Nicholas Skaljin

Grad Planner

Contact: skaljinn@mcmaster.ca

About my role: As the 2020 Grad Planner, I will work closely with a committee in order to plan and execute a successful iSci graduation!

Contact me for: If anyone has questions about graduation or fundraisers, please contact me!


Vidhi Bhatt

Director of Student Engagement

Contact: bhattv9@mcmaster.ca

About my role: As a part of this role I will be facilitating intramural, managing cohort cup points and helping with events alongside VP Social, TriSci Committee and the broader McMaster Community.

Contact me for: Any questions regarding intramural, cohort cup points, ways to get involved within the McMaster community and honestly anything you need help with (I can re-direct you to the sources)!


Katherine Hutchinson


iSNL Director

Contact: hutchk3@mcmaster.ca

About my role: I plan, recruit acts for, promote & direct Integrated Science Night Live, one of iSci’s biggest & most famous annual events. It’s going to be a blast again in 2022 - don’t miss it this spring!

Contact me for: Any ideas or questions for iSNL


Fun Facts about the Execs!

I have never broken a bone!

Vidhi Bhatt

My favourite hobbies are gymnastics, parkour, and rock climbing!

André Morin

My last meal would be a bucket of fried chicken and pumpkin pie.

Nicholas Skaljin

I’m from Newfoundland!

Kamea Bellows

Hover over the boxes below to learn some fun facts about us!

My favourite colour is green… or maybe red (I’m colour blind)

Finn Korol O'Dwyer

I have three adorable pet rats!

Taren Ginter

I grew up in Paris, France and lived there for 11 years!

Chantelle Castelino

I scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef and saw a giant sea turtle and a shark!

Maya Rajasingham

I was once sent to the hospital in an ambulance after a chem lab in high school and didn't cry :)

Amanda Round

I’m mildly allergic to carrots (yes carrots)

Katherine Hutchinson

I have one less bone in my body than the average human - I got surgery as a child to fuse two of my bones together!

Ariana Mitchell

I’ve never broken a bone!

Tushar Sood