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iSci was introduced in 2009, making it one of McMaster University's newest programs. It emphasizes how a multi-disciplinary approach is needed to ask creative and critical questions. The students put into practice innovative concepts and link them through all fields of science. Concepts are taught by tackling current global challenges such as climate change, global pandemics, space exploration, and sustainable energy, encouraging students to think outside the box. iSci puts into practice innovative concepts, linking science education and leading research topics, and demonstrating a holistic view of science through the interaction of various science disciplines. iSci also provides students the opportunity to specialize in a selected discipline, allowing students the opportunity to contribute to a specialist field with a wide range of knowledge. The small class sizes of 60 allow for iScis to become a tight-knit family with students of all years and the professors. 

iSci opens many doors for the future, including medical school, law school, graduate programs such as an M.Sc. and Ph.D., research, and innovative industry careers. iSci will prepare students for post-graduate work through the application of inquiry and problem-based learning within the classroom, the provision of many practical laboratory and field experiences, and the development of essential scientific communication skills.



The iSci Society is a student run, non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the university experience for iSci students at McMaster University. By offering students enrolled in this program a wide range of academic and social events, the iSci Society aims to facilitate an environment that fosters unity, collaboration, and acceptance. Our group is proud not only to be able to specifically cater to the needs of our students but also to engage them in events that develop connections all over campus. 

INSTAGRAM @iscisociety

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